Electric & Utility

Add our team into your group of contractors to identify the surface owners.  We are able to take an entire line, identify surface owners, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses to expedite your Right of Way acquisition and leasing.  We can verify the instruments by working with the data bases of various city and county tax offices and appraisers.  Our team has actually walked transmission lines and understands the complexity of electric utility delivery.Our goal is to reduce the duplication of services.   By working with titleforclosings.com, we provide the title then your team can simply call the surface owner  and work towards acquiring the leases, easements or right of way.  Allow our team to identify the surface title for broadband projects.   Turnkey services also include Phase I and Phase II Environmental ESA, and Geotechnical Services.Trained on the LIMS system, we are able to add the data directly back into the database, adding the instruments saving time for your contract team