Residential Title

Our reports allow for ease and efficient data transfer into Ramquest or other data programs.    Our reports minimize retyping key information utilized for CDF, Wire Instructions, E&O, Title Commitments.   All copies of instruments are provided for legal review. 

Your title report will provide data in order of your Title Commitment Schedule A and B minimizing data reentry into software programs. 

Schedule A - Legal Description and the TAX ID

Schedule - B - Security Deeds, Outstanding Liens, PUDS or other encumbrance, FIFA, Judgements 

Schedule C - City and County Taxes Paid and Due Dates, Annual and Semi-Annual Taxes and Chain of Title 

For Georgia Title, these services are $100.00 and the cost of the instruments. 

Review your title in a runsheet format allowing ease and overview of gaps in the chain of title. 

We also notify clients in the report if a gap in the chain of title exists, and curing title will be required.

On-site searches through records require added cost including travel, copies, meals and overnight accommodations.